Benefits for Funders

Funders work with fiscal sponsors to achieve many of their goals.  Over the years, corporate, foundation and individual donors have partnered with fiscal sponsors to create and fund projects, develop new grant making programs and funding collaboratives.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Projects partner with  fiscal sponsors in order to spend more time on mission-related work and fundraising.  For funders, this partnership offers a low-risk way to test new ideas by providing fledgling projects with a solid infrastructure with a high level of regulatory and financial oversight.  Increasingly, fiscal sponsorship is viewed by project leaders and funders alike, as a sustainable, cost-effective  way to manage a charitable initiative. 

Coalitions & Funding Collaboratives 

Funder collaboratives partner with fiscal sponsors to test innovative funding solutions.  This partnership offers groups a neutral home to work together on cross-sector issues and solutions that may not fit neatly into a strictly defined funding area.  The flexibility pf the fiscal sponsorship model also allows for short-term collaborations, and partnerships between funders and nonprofit organizations.  Staff and funds can have a neutral home while funding partners provide oversight and guidance to programs and initiatives.