How To Find A Fiscal Sponsor

The most important criteria when entering into an agreement with a fiscal sponsor is mission fit.  The mission of your project must further the mission of the fiscal sponsor. It is also important to remember that the fiscal sponsor must exercise control of the funds that it receives on behalf of the project and must ensure that the project is providing a charitable purpose that is in alignment with the fiscal sponsor’s tax exempt status.  

As a project, you need to know the scope of your work so you can select a fiscal sponsor that offers the appropriate services for your project's needs.  For example, if your project will have employees, you will likely require a Comprehensive fiscal sponsor, and if you are working in the arts, a Pre-Approved Grant Relationship fiscal sponsor may better suit the work of your project.  

To see a listing of fiscal sponsors from across the country, visit the Fiscal Sponsor Directory where you can search by state, issue, or keyword.